FantaSea Jewelry St. Croix USVI

Do you long for the feel of sand between your toes, balmy Caribbean breezes on your skin and the refreshing cool of the salty seas? Does your inner mermaid dream of floating freely in crystal blue waters, staring up at the brilliant sun, high in the cloudless sky?

Like memories of your favorite vacation or weekend at the beach, FantaSea Jewelry is a piece of the Caribbean to keep with you always. Shimmering metals and uniquely colored gemstones serve as wearable representations of the beauty around us here in paradise.

Labradorite Drop Pendant with London Blue Topaz

“Mermaid’s Tail” Pendant

The inspiration behind the FantaSea Jewelry line should be easy to see! It is the stunning, natural beauty that surrounds us here on the island of St. Croix. Elegantly flowing designs are inspired by the movement of nature. Allow yourself to be lapped by waves of shimmering metal and exhilarated by gemstone spray.

We share our islands and waters with some incredible creatures, like the gentle sea turtles, playful seahorse or the more elusive octopus, to whom we pay tribute in our “Under the Sea” collection. Shimmering swirls reflect the waves of the infinite ocean, spirals and shapes are reminiscent of the ancient petroglyphs. You’ll also find dragonflies, birds and Caribbean flowers depicted in our work, as our beautiful habitat both inspires and energizes us, feeding our creativity and invigorating our souls.  We love what we do and where we live, we are truly blessed to live in the beautiful, whimsical Caribbean, where we draw much of our inspiration from. The sea, the sky and the earth are limitless and awe-inspiring. We are fortunate to live this life, to create beautiful things and make our passion our living!

FantaSea Jewelry was created in 2008 by Liz Tylecki-Kuniej and now opened and operated by Nicole Gariepy. After a spiritual encounter with a sea turtle in Hawaii, Liz decided to move to the Caribbean and start a new life. Her jewelry endeavor started with beading, making braided hemp turtle necklaces and moved on to wax carving, metalsmithing and eventually CAD jewelry design. What started as a part time hobby doing local art shows and vendor fairs quickly turned into a full time business selling to all of the wonderful residents and visitors the island of St. Croix. Nicole has been in the jewelry business since 1997, specializing in gemology, jewelry design and professional jewelry business development. The FantaSea Jewelry collections continue to grow and evolve with new inspiration all the time.

Caribbean Larimar Octopus Pendant


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